Ms. McHale

Santa visit.

The Rainbow Fish

We read the story of the rainbow fish, then we wrote about it.

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Exploring line

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Nature walk.

We went on a nature walk on a search to find the things on our checklist. We found lots of signs of  autumn. We used the ipads to record what we saw by taking pictures.

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The Building Site!

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Working with fabric and fibre!

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Welcome to Senior Infants!!!

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Junior Infants 2017/18

Our amazing trip to the farm!

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Tá mé at an teilifís! An aimsir

Cows and chicks and pigs and sheep!

Oh my!


Ms Oonan and Ms O'Callaghan took us on a Spring walk!

Our butterflies helped us to find some spring changes in our environment.



Scooter Safety


We had an Easter party and a pyjama day

Then we met the Easter Bunny for an egg hunt!




Easter Crafting!



Ready, Set, Go Maths!

Fun and learning with Ms. Lavin and Ms.O'Callaghan!







Well Done Kerri!

Our Gaeilegoir na Seachtaine!



International Women's Day

Ilia shared a wonderful Russian tradition with the class and presented each 'little woman' in the class with flowers!




Aistear Theme:

Medieval Castles/Fairy Tales



We're working hard in I.T. class!



We planted cress seeds!




Our Aistear Play Area: The Vet's Surgery


We used play dough to create our own pets!


The construction team worked on homes for animals.




Fun in G.A.A. learning lots of skills!



We explored 3D shapes  and sorted them into groups.


Cards Ready! It's letter Bingo!


In October our Aistear theme was The Restaurant...

we took turns working in the restaurant, visiting as customers, modelling the food with playdough and junk art and working together to build restaurants, cafes and hotels!


We worked in teams measuring the length and height of

ribbons, straws, towers of blocks and boxes. We used maths words

to describe what we saw.


Halloween Party Fun!


"The witch is on her broomstick,

Riding very fast-

 Ooo, ooo...Halloween at last!"


This week we learned the sound 'e'.

We heard the story of 'Elmer' the patchwork elephant.

Then in art class we designed our own Elmers!


In Maths classes we have been looking at and making sets that are the same or equal.


'PUFF' go the candles on the Pink Pig cake!



Here we were using beautiful, bright colours and careful cutting to create squiggly snakes!


Here is a helpful video about blending Jolly Phonics sounds!


We worked in teams in Maths class. We were working on "More and Less". We compared sets of objects, foods and animals!


Today we played games and practiced throwing

and catching skills in P.E.!


We are having lots of fun in Junior Infants!

sorting, writing and playing


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