Ms. O’ Rourke

June in Room 15

School Tour

The children had great fun in Bricks for Kids.


Today we learned all about the famous graffiti artist Banksy. Firstly, we looked at some of his past work. The children liked the work 'Shop Til You Drop' the most. We also shared our opinions on vandalism and if we agree with Banksy's style of art. Using chalk we then went to the Millennium Garden to create our own graffiti.

Summer Walk

On Thursday went to Paddy's Hill for our summer walk. We searched for signs of summer. We saw some ladybirds, butterflies and lots of flowers. The children noticed that the grass in Paddy's Hill has grown a lot and has gotten very tall. Due to the lovely warm summer weather, we didn't need to wear our coats or jumpers.

May in Room 15

Sports Day

Some photos taken on Sports Day.


On Thursday, the children went on a minibeast hunt in the Millenium Garden. In the classroom the children shared facts and information about a variety of insects. Following this, they headed out to the garden with magnifying glasses. Woodlouse, spiders and snails were some of the insects they found.

Lunch time

Today in school, we took advantage of the nice weather and had our lunch outside in the Millennium Garden.


April in Room 15

Class Reward

The children have been working hard to fill the cube jar. The children decided that they would like to make chocolate lollypops as their reward. Yesterday they filled the jar and we made the lollies today.



This month the Aistear theme is 'Castles and Fairy Tales'. We will be learning lots of new language, such as moat, tower, turrets, dungeon, throne, lance, helmet, shield etc. One group each morning will be in the role play area in the costumes. The other children will be designing their own crowns, building sand castles, building castles using polydrons and playing with the small world figures. During the week we will read some books and fairy tales and then we will write our own stories.


'Sa Bhaile' is our irish theme for the first few weeks of April. The children have been busy learning lots of poems and songs. We recorded 'An Teach' for you all to watch.

Scooter Safety Lesson

Today in school, Susan from Green Schools came to visit the children. She gave us a lesson on how to use our scooters safely. She spoke to us all and then brought us outside in groups to show us how to use the scooters.

March in Room 15

Easter Egg Hunt

Today the children were visited by the Easter Bunny. He had hidden eggs in the Millennium Garden. After the children had found an egg, the parents from the Parents Association swapped them for a lovely Easter Egg. Thank you to the parents for all their help and I hope you all have a very nice Easter.

Spring Walk

On Wednesday, the senior infant classes went on a spring walk to look for signs of spring. We saw buds on trees, blossoms, daffodils, buttercups and lots of daisies.

Seachtain na Gaeilge

This week is Seachtain na Gaeilge. The children are trying their best to speak Gaeilge throughout the week. On Friday there will be a special assembly to celebrate. At the assembly, awards will be given to the child in each class that made the biggest effort to speak Gaeilge. There will be different activities taking place throughout the week.

On Monday, the children watched an Irish Dancing display. On Tuesday, an Irish drama came to the school to perform a show in Irish. On Wednesday local music group Comhaltas came to school to play some traditional Irish music for us. Some second class children also played. Finally today we all gathered in the hall for a final celebration. We sang 'Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes' in Irish for the rest of the school. All the children dressed in green for the day. Congratulations to Shayleigh who won Gaeilgoir na Seachtaine. She has been working hard all week to use as much Irish as possible in the class.

The Children of Lir

The children have been listening to Ms Fallon read the story of The Children of Lir. After they heard the story, the children worked in groups to sequence what had happened. They drew pictures to match each part of the story.


For the past few weeks the children have been growing cress seeds in different conditions. Before they planted the seeds the children predicted how they would grow in cotton wool and soil. They have been looking after their seeds for a few weeks now in the Garden Centre. They water them each day and are busy checking to see how they've grown.

World Book Day

To celebrate World Book Day, Will came into school to read to all the Senior Infant children. Huge thanks to Will for giving up his time. The children had a ball.

February in Room 15

Paired Reading

For the next few weeks the children will take part in a paired reading programme with the students from Portmarnock Community School. Ms. Lavin will collect the children each Wednesday and bring them to the hall to meet their reading buddy. They will read together, discuss the story and draw their favourite part of the book. Here are some photos from yesterdays session.


This month our Aistear theme is The Garden Centre. Each morning the children will play at a different station with activities based around The Garden Centre. Ms Fallon will be joining us for the next four weeks. She set up the stations for the children. At the construction table, the children will use the blocks to make their own garden centres and greenhouses. At the sand tray the children look for insects in the sand. With the playdough the children are making their own flowers and in the home corner they are taking on the role of gardeners, cashiers, customers and planters. Some of the language they will be using include: shovel, rake, plant pots, kneeler, lawnmower, gloves, seeds, allotment, compost.

Morning Play

The children have been very creative this week making lots of different things using the construction toys and play-dough.

January in Room 15


This Friday is St. Brigid's Day and the start of Spring. There will be a special assembly to celebrate. The children have been learning a song to sing at the assembly.


This week in art we mixed the primary colours to make new colours.


Ms McDermott started the 'Ready Set Go Maths' programme with us again this week.

December in Room 15

Christmas Lipsync

Christmas Shows

We hope you all enjoyed our performance of Father Christmas and Uncle Holly. Here are some photos we took in the classroom beforehand.

Santa Visit

On Friday the children had a very special visit from Santa. They went up in groups to speak to him. At the end Santa gave each of the children a gift to bring home.

Elfie Selfies

In art this week the children used their photographs to make personalised elves.


November in Room 15

Christmas Rehersals

Practice has begun for our Christmas performance of 'Father Christmas and Uncle Holly'. The children from Ms. Rooney's, Ms Maguire's and Ms Smith's classes came to visit so we could all learn the songs together. This year the shows are on Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th of December. The children will be playing green and red elves.



Winter Walk

On Friday we went on our winter walk. The children looked for signs of winter in and around the school. During the walk we discussed the differences and similarities between the autumn walk and the winter walk. Lots had changed since autumn. It was much colder than the last walk so we needed our hats and coats.


This week the children learned about Russian artist Kandinsky. We examined his work and spoke about his use of 2D shapes. We recreated some of his work.

Movie Night

The children have been working hard trying to fill the cube jar for the past few weeks. After a vote the children decided they wanted to earn a movie night. The cubes are rewarded on a whole class, group or individual basis. The are given for things like good writing, being kind to others, solving tricking maths problems, reading a hard word etc. The children brought in their teddies and we watched Aladdin with some popcorn and jellies.

Sam Maguire Visit

On Wednesday, Dave, our new GAA coach, brought the Sam Maguire to school to celebrate the recent All Ireland win.


Puppet Show

On Tuesday a touring puppet show came to visit. The children really enjoyed the special performance of 'Little Red Riding Hood'.


Twice a week from now until Christmas, Ms. McDermott will be coming to our class to implement the 'Ready Set Go' maths program. The children started this program last year in Junior Infants. During this time, the children play different games that focus on maths language and concepts. Ms McDermott also comes in weekly for in-class support to help with our independent writing.

October in Room 15

Dress up day in aid of St. John's ward Crumlin

Here are just a few photos from our school Halloween dress up day. Thank you to all those who brought in €2 for such a great cause.


The children have been busy learning some spooky poems for Halloween. We hope you enjoy our performances of 'Flutter Flutter Little Bat' and 'It's Halloween'.


The children will be dressing up on Friday for Halloween. Each child will be asked to bring in €2 for Crumlin Hospital. In art the children made spiders and pumpkins. We used them to decorate the walls outside.


We used playdough this week to practice our number formation.


Each Friday the children use the iPads to revise different things they've learned during the week. Usually the children would engage in Irish, Maths and English activites. This week we used the Cúla Caint apps for Irish, Blobble Write for number formation and Twinkl for word recognition.


Last week in art the children made lollipop scarecrows with felt hats.


The Aistear theme for this month is the Building Site. Each morning the children will play at a different station with activities based around the building site. Most Aistear themes would included the following stations: Small world, Role play, Construction and Messy play. Some of the language the children will use this month is drill, truck, quantity, supplies, safety helmet, trowel etc.


This months Gaeilge theme is An scoil. Here is a video of the first An Scoil song 'Tá mé ar Scoil'.

September in Room 15


The children created these lovely art pieces at the start of the year. Each child designed a self portrait complete with sunglasses. In the lenses of the glasses, the children drew some of their favourite memories from the summer. They also designed puzzles pieces that showed some of their farvourite things about themselves.


At the end of September all the senior infants went for an autumn walk around Paddys Hill. The children were busy gathering autumn leaves and berries. We kept an eye out for any signs of autumn.


When we came back, we created autumn trees using Q tips and autumnal paint colours.



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