Ms. Kane

February in Room 6


This week in art we studied Spanish artist Picasso. We looked at his 4 different art periods: the blue period, the rose period, the African-influenced period and the cubism period. We used the colours from the rose period with the style of the cubism period to create these paintings.


We have been learning all about China for the past 2 weeks. The children worked with a partner to create a project based on China. Each group presented their work to the class. Gwen and I marked each project out of 10 for the content, their creativity and their presenting skills. Well done to TJ, Leah, Oisín and Cristina.

January in Room 6


We hope you enjoy listening to some of the poetry we have been learning in January. Here are the boys reciting 'Sand' by John Foster and the girls reciting 'The Snowman' by Vera Grey.


This week in art we used two different methods to create some firework scenes. First we used oil pastels and then he used card and neon paint. Both gave us lovely yet different effects.

Class reward

The children have been working hard to fill the cube jar since November. The children voted for a Scrumdiddlys ice cream reward. We filled the jar yesterday and enjoyed our ice cream today.


In religion we spoke about how God gave us all gifts and talents. We wrote about our friends in the class and what gifts they have. We discovered that we are all different and good at different things.


Last week we looked at the work of American artist Andy Warhol. We studied some of his Popart pieces. We then picked an everyday item to create our own colourful Popart.

December in Room 6

The Greatest Showman

We hope you enjoyed our Christmas concert. Here are some pictures from behind the scenes.

Prayer Service

On Friday we had a special prayer service to celebrate the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Some children from our class were chosen to do readings and say prayers. We also learned about the Jessie Tree that Michael organises for the school each year to celebrate advent.

November in Room 6

Weaving Well Being

This week sees the end of the second class Weaving Well Being programme. This a new programme for second class and will be continued in the senior school. It took us a couple of weeks to get our heads around all the new tricky language but the children have become lots more confortable using it. Many thanks to Ms Mc Dermott for all her support with the programme. I hope the children continue to be great strength spotters and continue to acknowledge all their own character strengths.


We used methods from the printing strand to create our own scenes insprired by the story 'Catch a Falling Star'.


This month we spent lots of time learning about Grace O'Malley. We learned how she became a pirate and about her adventures around Howth. We wrote about her and wrote letters to the Earl of Howth.

October in Room 6



This week we started our Halloween art. We used the marble ink technique to create a dusky background and then placed spooky silhouettes on top.


We have been learning the music scale in class. See can you make out this tune performed on our Boomwhackers and chimebars.

September in Room 6


We painted Autumn pictures, using some autumnal colours.


This month the children have been learning the story Oisín in Tír na nÓg. Each child/pair designed a picture showing a section of the story. We used the iPad to take photos and record sentences to match. From this we made our own class video telling the story.



We have been busy this month doing lots of lovely art. At the beginning of the month the children took selfies on the iPads. They used their photos to create self-portraits. We also made some rainy paintings using blow paint.


On Friday we went on a minibeast hunt in the Millenium Garden. We looked for insects and then discussed their characteristics when we got back to class. We also looked at the different types of habitats in the garden.


Our first poem in second class - Buail ar an Doras

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