Healthy Living Week 2019

Healthy Living Week 2019

We had a week full of fun and educational presentations in St Helen's Junior School for Healthy Living Week.

Tooth brushing tips for the First and Second Classes.

All the children had the chance to taste freshly prepared fruit and vegetables this week. The smell and taste of this colourful array of foods was delicious!

Jamie Harris spoke to the children about the importance of eating healthily at our Healthy Living Assembly.

Hiit exercise sessions for all the children in the yard! What a great way to start the weekend. Exercise is so much fun when you are working out with your friends.

Great tips for the children on how to stay healthy and which foods are needed to give us lots of energy.

Thank you to our local Dunnes for contributing €50 towards our Healthy Living Week.

Lots of hands helped to prepare these tasty treats!

We had an exciting week for Healthy Living Week. We are definitely stepping into the spring evenings with lots of new healthy habits.

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