Mr. Shevlin

School Tour To Bricks for Kidz!


We have been working on weighing objects in Maths class. We learned to estimate and measure!

St. Patrick's Day Crafts



We had a magical visit today!!!


Aistear: Vets Surgery


Getting Christmas crafty!


Chalk Drawings based on the book:

"How to Catch a Star"


Visual Arts

We made spiders using clay and pipe cleaners!



Construction Worker Aistear


We had a great time making spooky pictures for Halloween!



On Tuesdays and Thursdays we have Ready, Set, Go Maths.

Ms. Mc Dermott and Ms. O'Callaghan teach us and we work hard. We have a lot of fun and learn new Maths skills.


Our Aistear Theme is The Airport


Using Autumn colours, we created beautiful collages!


We are learning G.A.A. skills with Dave every Friday!


We went on a Nature Walk!

It was great fun!

Aistear theme:

Medieval Castle

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