Ms. O’ Mahony

 We had a fun Scooter Day too.

April in Room 11.

This months Aistear theme is Transport, with a particular focus on buses. The children have been playing on a 42 bus every morning using vocabulary such as passenger, fare, conductor, indicator, station, engine, schedule, timetable. A real bus driver came in to talk to us and the children had a great Q and A  session with him.

March in Room 11

We had a jam packed few weeks celebrating Seachtain na Gaeilge, St. Patrick's Day and preparing for Easter. Finally we were able to go on a lovely Spring Walk too!

Lots of building and construction in the mornings.

December 2017

December was great fun in room 11. We had a visit from Santa, made lots of Christmas art, performed our show 'Father Christmas and Uncle Holly' and we did a little bit of work too.

Our Aistear play corner this month is the Post Office. The children will role-play all parties involved in running the post office- customers, post 0ffice workers and the Postman/woman.  We're also working on our fine motor skills during our Aistear Play time. There has been some impressive designing and building using wooden blocks, pegs and Polydrons.

As a treat for being really good in school we made chocolate chip buns last week. We wrote out the recipe, then began our baking. The children added the ingredients, everyone had a turn mixing them together and then spooning them into the cases. They were delicious.

Ready, Set Maths!

Working on running, jumping, balancing and throwing in G.A.A today.

A very busy couple of weeks in Room 11. Ready, Set, Maths has returned. Ms. Lavin comes in twice a week to play Maths games with us. We saw a puppet show 'Little Red Riding Hood' this week too.

We had a great Halloween Dress Up Day before the midterm break. The children made 'firework marshmallows' and had a very spooky assembly. 

In P. E we've been working on our ball skills- throwing, catching, bouncing and rolling.

We're well settled into Senior Infants at this stage and all working hard in room.11. This week  in Maths we've been learning about addition. Next week we'll be measuring lots of different things when we learn about length.



September Walkabout. We had a lovely walk around Paddy's Hill. We found most items on our checklist, the spiderweb was the trickiest item but we eventually found one.

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