Ms. Lucey

Santa's Visit

We were so excited to see Santa in school on Friday. A big thank you to all of his helpers for making his visit so special.

Ladies Camogie Team

We were so excited today as two players from the winning Dublin ladies camogie team came to assembly to visit us. They showed us the winning trophy, the Kay Mills Cup. We're so proud of our ladies in blue! Well done Ladies!

Minibeast Hunt

This week in room 16 we've been looking at the different soil and minibeasts in our school grounds. On Wednesday afternoon we took our pooters and magnifying glasses and went on a minibeast hunt. We found so many amazing creatures hiding in our school garden! We saw beetles, woodlice, ants, spiders, worms, slugs and even a ladybird. We haven't seen any snails yet but are keeping an eye out for them.

September in 2nd Class

We're so happy to be in 2nd class! We're in Room 16 this year and very excited about the year ahead. We've worked really hard to make our classroom door look beautiful. Each of us designed a brick for our door and we stacked them together to make a wall.


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