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Catch up on the last couple of months in room 21.

Christmas Shows went really well after lots of rehearsals, we had a special visit from Daidí na Nollaig and for filling our 'Reward Jar' we had a very well deserved relaxing 'Pyjama Day' just before the Christmas holidays.

We've been doing a lot of pair work this year-working together on our phonics and Maths games.

We went on an Signs of the Season Walk around Paddy's Hill and we wrote Autumn Sensory Poems about all the things we could smell, hear, see and touch.

September in Room 21.

We have had such a busy month settling back into school. We're just about used to our longer day now and we're all working really hard.

Senior Infants School Tour 2018

Bricks 4 Kidz

We had a really great school tour this year. We went to Bricks 4 Kidz in Santry and had a great time. The Lego experts were brilliant at directing our creativity and we created some amazing pieces!! There were 3 stations - Building, Wheels and Technology. Check out our pictures!

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We've worked on the Fabric and Fibre strand from the Art curriculum and created fun, individual and even some cheeky puppets!!

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Sports Day

Here's a selection of photos from our very sunny sports day!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

We've really enjoyed working on the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Ms. Broadhead led our writing workshop where we retold the story in our own words and created our own version of the book! These will be going home soon as a special treat for our families.

We also created a beautiful display called 'Our Very Hungry Caterpillar' and lots of people in the school have been admiring our lovely artwork.

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Djembe Jam!!

Mr.Horan came to our room to demonstrate how to play the Djembe drum. We shared a drum between two and each of us took turns playing. We've continued to work on keeping a steady beat and echo drumming with Ms. Maguire. Take a look at us drumming!

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Wayne Thiebaud:

We've been looking at some works created by artist Wayne Thiebaud. We recreated his 'Three Machines' and created our own colourful gumball machines. Here's some samples of our work.

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Easter Art:

Take a look at some of our beautiful Easter artwork.

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We were so lucky! The Easter Bunny came to visit our school. He was so kind, he had an egg hunt ready and everyone got an Easter egg!

Spring Walk

We took a walk around Paddy's Hill looking for some signs of spring. We've noticed this spring has been very cold and the signs of spring have been much slower to appear. Luckily, we spotted some....buds on the trees, birds, nests, grass growing, flowers beginning to grow, some blossoms and lovely daffodils.

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Lá Glas

Seachtain na Gaeilge

We’ve been having lots of fun for Seachtain na Gaeilge this week. We have had a fantastic Irish Dancing show to watch and today we watched a brilliant Irish Play! It was so funny.

Tomorrow Mr.Rooney and his band are visiting the school for a traditional Irish Music session and on Friday we have Lá Glas! Please remember to wear something green on Friday, and keep an eye on our class gallery for some fun pictures!

Is it Waterproof?

We've been investigating different materials this week and discovering if they are waterproof or not.....

We tested a plastic bag, cotton wool, paper, tin foil  and towels.

Check out the pictures below which show us testing the materials.


Our Christmas Lipsync

Santa came to visit St. Helen's!

Christmas Art

We've been working so hard in room 18 in the run up to Christmas. We've made lots of beautiful decorations for our classroom and we've even written some lovely Christmas cards.


The Seasons - Group Art Activity

We worked in groups to create seasonal trees - winter, spring, summer and autumn.

Everyone really enjoyed working in the groups and everyone got along so well.

Sam Maguire

Our new GAA coach, Dave, visited the school with the Sam Maguire cup in November!

Everyone was very excited so it was difficult to capture everyone!

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Halloween with Room 18

Here's some picture of our class all dressed up for Halloween!

Halloween Baking!

We made some spooky Rice Krispie treats for Halloween in the staffroom.

Autumn Trees

We've created a beautiful display of autumn trees outside our classroom. Take a close look at the artwork below - we hope you'll see who created each masterpiece!

Autumn Scarecrows

Last week for our Art lesson we created autumn scarecrows using lollipops sticks, felt, and foam. They look great!

Our Autumn Walk -  Thursday 28th September

Today we went for a walk on Paddy's Hill. We were searching for signs of autumn. We saw the leaves changing colour, birds getting ready to migrate to warmer places and lots of berries in the trees.

September in Senior Infants

Welcome to Ms. Maguire's class page!
Everyone has settled back to school brilliantly and we've all been working hard this September. We've been using the iPads, recalling our summer memories in our Art work and working on our mental Maths games. Check out some of our pictures below!

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