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School Tour 2019

We Love Art and Projects!

Sports Day 2019


Rm 7 Has Talent

In room 7 we loved to dance around and sing along to any type of music. Here is an example of our amazing moves!

Our Sixth Green Flag

Our school has worked very hard for many years to achieve six green flags. Here are a few photos of the ceremony where we were given our sixth green flag for Global Citizenship.


During Lent, Sophia in our class decided to give up all screens. Yes that means iPads, iPhones and TV. She managed to keep her Lenten promise for the whole 40 days and raised €300 for Trócaire. She was sent a certificate to thank her for her very generous contribution.

Healthy Living Week

As part of Healthy Living Week we got to go down to Naomh Mearnógs to learn more skills and to have some fun. We just loved being out in the fresh air and being active.

Seo Faisin

During Seachtain na Gaeilge we had a Seo Faisin where the children introduced their partners and what they were wearing as they strutted down the Catwalk. Can you believe not one of them spoke a word of English.

Seactain na Gaeilge

During the week of 11th -  15th of March the children enjoy the acitivites of Seactain na Gaeilge. Girls from our class danced, Caoilfhionn played the tin whistle and we competed in a Tráth na gCeist against the other 2nd classes. Bhí craic agus spraoi againn!!

PJ Day 2019

As a reward for excellent team work as a class the children earned a PJ day. This is a difficult reward to achieve and takes several weeks to obtain. I think they may have enjoyed their reward for all their hard work!

Capacity 2019

Yesterday we were having fun exploring the different capacities that various containers can hold! Who said school is boring 🙂

Nature Walk 2018

As a class, we went on a nature walk to see the Brent Geese from Paddy's Hill. Unfortunately, the Brent Geese weren't there but we enjoyed the fresh air and looking for signs of Autumn.

Sports Day 2018

We had an amazing time at sports day on Thursday. The sun was shining and we were so excited to take part. Our team was France and we wore blue, white and red. Thank you so much to the parents who kept us topped up on water and sun-cream! We all worked as a team and and so much fun. We even won the 1st class relay! Check out our pictures 🙂

Workshop 5 - Martina Galvin 27th April 2018

Today we had our last workshop with Martina. First we made pictures using coloured paper and sticks. We didn't glue anything to our picture so we could change the shapes, colours and patterns as we wished.

Martina brought in some coloured perspex shapes from her studio for us to play with. We built with them, put them on top of each other to mix up the colours. We also used them to make shapes on our pictures. The perspex was too heavy to glue to our pictures so we used acetate instead.

We've had a great time doing art with Martina and can't wait to see her again at our exhibition on 21/5/2018 in Drumcondra Education Centre. Thank you Martina!

Picnic Fun - 20th April 2018

It was very sunny toady and we've been so good so Ms Brennan and Ms Ryan took us outside to eat our lunch. We love the sun!!


Workshop 4 - Martina Galvin 20th April 2018

This week we were inspired by European cities. We looked at iconic buildings including: The Eiffel Tower, The Leaning Tower of Pisa and The London Eye. We had so much fun drawing our own versions.

Martina let us cut up pictures of her exhibition into building shapes and we used these to construct our own city. We used what we learned about Mondrian and added in squares and rectangles to our buildings to make them more detailed. We drew in other city details like roads and trees. We've had so much fun this week and can't wait to see Martina again on Friday!

Workshop 3 - Martina Galvin 13th April 2018

This week we were inspired by 'Broadway Boogie Woogie' by Mondrian. Mondrian was inspired by the architecture of New York City. The vertical and horizontal lines are similar to the city streets and are all made of rectangles and squares. We worked on our own pictures and used all the drawing skills we learned from Martina in previous workshops.

We also decided to make our own night time cityscape pictures using silver and gold pen on black paper. We added in our moon at the end - we're very proud of all our work this week.

Workshop 2 - Martina Galvin 16th March 2018

Today we looked at colour and pattern with Martina. She brought us in lots of coloured shapes and we built our own patterns with them. When we were happy with our pattern we could draw it on another page. We really liked drawing this way because we could make any pattern we liked. What do you think of our masterpieces?

Workshop 1 - Martina Galvin 9th March 2018

Today we worked with Martina on mark making, line, shape and colour. We didn't need to worry about making mistakes. We had so much fun looking at different shape and putting them together. We enjoyed working together to create interesting patterns. Once we got the hang of it we used our skills to design an enormous snake together. Check out some of our work below.





CRAFTed Project 2018

In Room 13 we're very lucky to have been chosen to take part in CRAFTed 2018 in conjunction with  the Design and Craft Council and Drumcondra Education Centre. During the project we'll have to opportunity to take part in workshops with Martina Galvin, who is a professional artist. Martina will be coming into our class to work with us for 10 hours during March and April.

Click to learn more about Martina Galvin

Click to learn more about CRAFTed




We've been learning all about George Seurat in Room 13 this week. He invented a new technique of painting called Pointillism. We used hundreds of different colour dots to create our masterpieces just like George Seurat.

Check out our blow painting. we really had to 'Huff and Puff' to get create these crazy hairstyles.

We had a visit from the Moon & Sixpence Puppet Theatre this week. We absolutely loved it and have been singing 'The Litter Song' ever since. Thanks for coming 🙂


It's Halloween dress up day in St Helens Junior NS and in Room 13 we have some fantastic costumes! Thanks to all the mums, dads and grandparents who helped us get our costumes ready.....we're so excited for Halloween! We've also raised money for St John's Cancer ward in Crumlin Hospital.

Happy Halloween!!!

We've been learning all about Diwali in Room 13. These are the beautiful 'Rangoli Patterns' we made in class. Some of our classmates are celebrating Diwali tonight with their families! Enjoy the fun!!

Look at our beautiful autumn trees! We used the autumn colours; red, orange, brown and yellow. We printed the leaves using cotton buds.

We used lollipop sticks, wool and glue to make lots of different 2D shapes. What shapes can you find?


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