Ms. Maguire


Happy Halloween

Maths - Measure:

We have been learning about different ways we measure. We have been using the language of measurement....long/ short, big/small, wide/narrow and more!

Below are some pictures of some of us using play doh to make snakes that are long, short, longer, shorter, longest and shortest.

Autumn Art

We have been learning all about autumn. We went on an autumn walk, we saw leaves falling and changing colour. We found conkers and berries. We then came back to class and created autumn tree art and coloured and cut autumn leaves.

Maths this September

We have been working on our sorting skills in Junior Infants. We have sorted sets by colour, shape, size and category. The children have worked brilliantly in pairs and teams together.


We have really enjoyed attending our whole school assemblies. Here are some pictures of our class listening carefully at assembly.


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