Flag Raising Ceremony

We Got our 5th green flag. We had a special assembly to celebrate. Look below to see pictures and videos of each year group  singing or reading poems.

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Junior infants                                                     Senior Infants

1st class                                                                 2nd class

Whole school 1                                                  Whole school 2.

Children speak about receiving the 5th green school flag      Part 2

Endangered Animals Assembly

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We had a planting day on Tuesday the 31st of January! Every child in the school got to plant something.

Here is a video of Michael speaking to us at our special planting day assembly and below is a slideshow of the children planting.

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 Cadhla made a video all about biodiversity around Portmarnock!

Ms. O'Callaghan's class have been busy studying Food chains.

  • Some animals eat plants and some eat other animals.

  • Food chains begin with a plant and end with an animal.

  • Food chains show how energy and nutrients are passed from creature to creature!

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