Monthly Archives: November 2017

Global Citizenship Assembly!

We are working on our 6th green flag for global citizenship. In our school we have children from all around the world. [gallery order="DESC" type="slideshow" size="large" link="none" ids="5168,5172,5171,5170,5169,5167,5166,5165,5164,5163,5162,5161,5160"]  
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Little Red Riding Hood

On Tuesday we had a puppet show visit our school! The puppets told the story of Little Red Riding Hood! [gallery order="DESC" type="slideshow" size="large" link="none" ids="5175,5176,5177,5178,5179,5180,5181,5182,5184,5185,5186"]
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Sam Maguire

The Sam Maguire cup visited our school with our new coach David! [gallery order="DESC" type="slideshow" link="none" size="large" ids="5070,5071,5072,5073,5074,5075,5077,5078,5079,5080,5081,5082,5083,5084,5085,5086,5087,5088,5089,5090,5091,5092,5093,5094,5095,5096,5097,5098,5099,5100,5101,5102,5103,5104,5105"] IMG_0412
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